GTA Band and Strings folks -  Please consider this!- It is a wonderful performance opportunity for the keen kids. There are now classes/categories for school-program-only students which will be judged on a different scale/rubric than upper competitive classes. Encourage some of your students who have been using SmartMusic and/or working on technique and study exercises via distanced learning, to submit a quick video for a very detailed and constructive adjudication from this year’s panel. The emphasis with these new classes is to help you build up momentum with your student leaders, so that you’ve got them ready to go when you return to live classes and rehearsals.

 This is a positive move forward for Kiwanis and the festival is now much more inclusive and accessible! Deadline for video submission is March 31. A woodwind/brass/or strings submission costs $40-$44.

If you have a student who is interested in entering one of the graded classes , the syllabus includes collections and books from which to choose the piece – and it also promotes the student’s/teacher’s “own choice”.  Many of these are common books (in some cases method books too) which you may have on your shelves and/or are available through music dealers and/or are available for digital download through a music dealer (Such as Harknett, for example!)

PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to me ( if you’d like to chat about pieces/repertoire/selection/appropriate levels/classes for any of your keen woodwinds/brass students. If you need to purchase books, I can also check availability/hold/forward your order at/to HMS.

I'm available as a guest speaker/clinician for Zoom/Meet/Teams class sessions!

Careers in Music - Our Music Industry

I have delivered this session to a few schools over the past 6 months. It's an overview of the vendor/manufacturer/publisher/retailer sides of our Music Industry. Topics include the evolution of print music copyright and royalties (including the history of the Hal Leonard corporation), the levels of our industry with sample jobs and an overview of the bigger companies, The Glass Door and job categories, manufacturer processes and resources/links to factory tours, community involvement through events and partnerships, and much more! This is a 60 minute session with a comprehensive handout.

Spring Zoom/Meet/Teams Chats with brass players

Spring is almost here. It's been two years since some of these students have performed and many of them are finding it difficult to stay motivated...

So, I've put together an online clinic (45 mins plus questions) for Brass players to stay motivated. I go through repertoire and "song" selection, ear training and transcription, 

easy jazz play-along ideas for basic improv, warm ups, fundamentals , and MORE!

Please feel free to give me a shout for more information:

Orff with Joy Reeve!

Bridge the Gap with Joy! 

Joy Reeve has been involved in the Canadian Orff community for over 25 years. She is a P/J/I Music specialist for the TDSB (Rosethorn Junior School). As well, she is a regular featured presenter at regional and national Orff conferences, the Ontario Music educator’s Association conference, and various local board and ETFO/union led events. Joy is a longtime Orff levels instructor at the Royal Conservatory of Music and is now an acting sessional instructor at Seneca College.

Her site has been developed to support teachers to teach music. Based on the Orff approach, lessons use song, speech, singing, movement, dance, body percussion, word substitution, and percussion instruments. Through the community of the classroom, children explore and connect with themselves, and their world. The site has sample lessons from Joy’s books, a teacher support section, and regularly updated lessons and ideas when you need something new. The hope and intention is that teachers and students will experience the joy of playing and creating music, and find the joy in self-expression within a loving and accepting community.

Joy Reeve is an established author  - her three books are: You Can Walk…You Can Talk… You Can Orff (Junior) We Can Sing…We Can Play….Everyday! (Primary)        I Can Show it…..’Cause I know It  (Junior/Intermediate) ….The books are previewed and sampled on the website:

The newest featured title (I Can Show It…’Cause I know it!) is geared towards late elementary and middle school general music, preparing students for the transition into vocal and instrumental strands through the Orff approach to music literacy. This is a rare and innovative publication – it’s a toolkit for both general and specialist music teachers to bridge the gap and ultimately create a higher level of instructional efficiency. Activities are participation-based, focusing on Beat through Movement, Rhythm, and Pitch and Melody. If you’ve got Orff instruments in your music room, and you are still under pandemic restrictions regarding instruments and singing – this is a great resource for this scenario.

The Harknett Flex Band List of 2020 Releases

Well, we knew sooner or later i'd wind up including a shameless ad for Harknett in here. With the mere possibility of instrumental music returning in some form, maybe outdoors for a month (again, i'm being incredibly optimistic) - please consider a title or two from this curated collection of adaptable/flexible titles

I will be presenting a reading/listening session at the OMEA this year (Niagara Falls or Online) which will focus on adaptable music for whatever situation we're in , come November. These types of arrangements will probably be front and centre.  The feedback on this (and sales activity to those who have been allowed to play) has been positive.

Check it out!