Finding the Balance Point

Wednesday Apr 28th, 2021


I am a huge advocate for work-life balance. It's taken years to get to this point and believe me when I say, it hasn't always been this way.

There will always be adversity. Look at what we've all been through in this last year. And almost all of us have not only survived it, but many of us have come out stronger.  For every challenge, there is  success. Sometimes, these successes manifest themselves in a non-traditional way and they are hard to see at first. Success is ultimately a mindset - and a mindset is a combination of thoughts, feelings, actions, and habits.

We should NEVER EVER doubt that we are capable of thinking, doing, or BEING what we want to. And never lose sight of the victories and the SUCCESS.

5 years ago I would have never stopped or even slowed down to see the beauty that i see now when I go for a walk on my daily break from "working from home". It's a "new normal" indeed and I for one appreciate the time I have to remembering the concept of success, maintaining the mindsets, and Finding the Balance Point!

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